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Seth Meyers Is Back With a Closer Look at Donald Trump’s Debate Performance and Lewd Comments

Now that we’re officially less than a month away from Election Day, the campaigns are in full-out circus mode and comedians are ready to serve as the ringmasters that guide our attention through the overload of sensations. For instance, while you were shuddering and/or screaming at your screen after hearing Donald Trump’s lewd remarks to Billy Bush on the bus for the tenth time, did you ever notice how Donald Trump doesn’t know how to get out of said bus? Seth Meyers did! Or did you ever stop and think that, with Billy Bush suspended from his hosting gig, we can now definitively say, “There is currently a higher standard for host of the third hour of the Today Show than Republican nominee for president”? Yep, Meyers said that, too. For more of his observations, check out Meyers’s “Closer Look” segment from Monday night’s Late Night, above.

Seth Meyers Looks Closer at the Trump Fallout