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Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Hillary’s Leaked Wall Street Speeches

Recently, Hillary’s ties with Wall Street have caused her problems with young voters, but don’t worry, she has a secret millennial weapon: Al Gore. The same guy who has been out of the political spotlight because of his “side-job as the Lunesta moth.” Hacked emails have been posted online, which include transcripts of speeches Clinton gave to Wall Street companies. When she was asked about having both a public and private position on trade, she explained that she was, in fact, discussing Abraham Lincoln after seeing Spielberg’s Lincoln. So, the real scandal is not her wavering policies on trade, but that bankers paid thousands of dollars for Hillary Clinton’s movie reviews. But hey, if you don’t trust Rotten Tomatoes, maybe it’s worth the money. As for Trump supporters, don’t forget to vote on November 28th!

Seth Meyers Discusses Hillary’s Leaked Speeches