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Hey, Donald Trump: Seth Meyers Thinks Your Boy Mike Pence Could Give You Some Debate Tips

Even if you missed the vice-presidential debates on Tuesday night, at least you know that late-night hosts like Samantha Bee and Seth Meyers will recap it so it’s practically like you watched it. On Wednesday night, Meyers took a patented “Closer Look” at the debate between Virginia governor and goober Tim Kaine and Indiana governor and Jonny Quest boy-toy Mike Pence. Pence did a lot of shaking of his head and denying of things that both he and Donald Trump have said, but fortunately, Seth Meyers has the fact-checkers on it. Still, Pence came off a lot better than his boss, the exploding tomato, which prompts Seth Meyers to deliver a message specially for Donald Trump: He’s better than you.

Seth Meyers Recaps VP Debate With Pence & Kaine