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Shailene Woodley Arrested While Protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota

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Say what you will about Shailene Woodley and her Gaia-worshipping ways, but she does walk the walk for her chosen causes. And she’ll even get arrested for them. Woodley has been a vocal opponent of the Dakota Access Pipeline that is scheduled to be built partially on lands considered sacred by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, and even appeared recently on Late Night With Seth Meyers with Bernie Sanders to talk about environmentalism and honoring the sovereignty of Native Americans. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe filed a request with the federal courts to halt construction of the pipeline, but that request was denied yesterday, which sent Woodley and a small team of her own out to the front lines of protest in Sioux County, North Dakota*, where she was arrested today for “criminal trespassing.”

The Divergent actress had been broadcasting substantial portions of her excursion via Facebook Live, including the events leading up to and immediately following her arrest. Shortly before getting handcuffed and escorted away from the protest site, Woodley telegraphs the trouble for her viewers by saying, “Guys, not to make a bad cinema joke, but there’s some Divergent shit about to happen,” which is maybe the most self-aware and excellent thing Woodley has ever said on camera.

* This post previously stated that Shailene Woodley was arrested in South Dakota.

Shailene Woodley Arrested While Protesting