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Close That Petition Tab; Shailene Woodley Has Been Released From Jail

Snowden' Press Conference - 12th Zurich Film Festival
Photo: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

After spending a night in jail for “criminal trespassing” at a protest opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline, Vanity Fair received confirmation this afternoon that Shailene Woodley is no longer behind bars in North Dakota. She is free once again to advocate for the sovereignty of indigenous peoples as well as the merits of vagina tanning. It is unknown whether or not Woodley will return to the protest site, but she was heavily broadcasting from the event via Facebook Live the first time, even capturing her arrest on the stream. So if you want to know where in the world is Woodley, try keeping an eye on that space. Or just look into the eyes of every child and you’ll find her smiling back.

Shailene Woodley Has Been Released From Jail