Shia LaBeouf Showed up to Ellen in a Windbreaker and Shorts, Like Your Eccentric Uncle

Shia LaBeouf is just living his life. Sure, he’s a little weird, but he’s not so weird that you have to construe everything he does — including this talk-show bit with Ellen DeGeneres — through the lens of performance art. He’s not James Franco, you guys! No, Shia LaBeouf is just your super-sensitive, artsy uncle who shows up to interviews fresh out of the shower wearing a windbreaker and tan shorts. See, the tan shorts are so he can show off his leg tattoos of his favorite people, like Missy Elliott and Biggie and Tupac. Oh, and he also just came back from an epic road trip, where he hitchhiked around the country using Twitter. Oh, yeah, and he got married, too. Say hi to your new aunt, Mia Goth!

Shia LaBeouf Shows Ellen His Leg Tattoos