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Simone Biles Stars in Crush Jake Miller’s New Music Video, Keeps Achieving Her Dreams Like They’re Olympic Medals

Simone Biles is so inspiring, and not just because she won four gold medals and one bronze medal at the Rio Olympic Games. Simone Biles is inspiring because she is taking her freshly pressed status as national treasure and international celebrity and using it to achieve her other dreams, the dreams that involve her favorite TV shows and the hot dudes she’s been publicly crushing on for years. First she landed some face time with Zac Efron. Then she hung out on set with the cast of Pretty Little Liars. And now she’s making Efron jealous (on his birthday!) by showing up in Jake Miller’s new music video for the song “Overnight.” Biles has been crushing on Miller for literally years, as the Twitter record will show, and now she’s playing the girl he can’t get out of his head. Simone Biles achieves her dreams because Simone Biles only knows how to win. Let Simone Biles be a lesson to us all.

Simone Biles Stars in Jake Miller’s New Video