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Deadpool Director Tim Miller Changes Pace for Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

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Photo: Araya Diaz/Getty Images

Faster than a blue, anthropomorphic spiny mammal, director Tim Miller traded one well-known wisecracking, daredevil hero for another in the course of ten days. Earlier in October, Miller announced he was leaving the Deadpool sequel owing to “creative differences” with the star, Ryan Reynolds. While many fans of the original movie were upset to hear Miller would no longer be involved — he was widely credited for successfully steering the mega-blockbuster in a direction suitable for the cult-favorite character — Miller has already scored a job developing Sony’s upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Miller will serve as the executive producer of the CG-animated/live-action movie, while his long-time collaborator Jeff Fowler directs. Miller and Fowler worked together in a similar capacity on the Oscar-nominated animated short Gopher Broker, so it seems natural that the two would gravitate toward another movie with a similarly sized creature.

Deadpool Director Switches to Sonic the Hedgehog