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Everything About the Election May Be Horrifying, But It’s Never a Bad Time for Stephen Colbert to Show Off His Emmys

It’s a bit hard to encapsulate the effect of the third presidential debate succinctly, but perhaps a useful explainer would be that it drove Stephen Colbert to puppets. Leading off his post-debate live special, Colbert recapped the night’s events with an appropriate level of incredulity, as if the threshold on that particular sensation remains. He also found himself taking on a little bit of a certain candidate’s impishness, bragging about those Emmy wins that were rigged in Colbert’s favor and forcing a couple of puppets to make out. Hey, did that last bit make anyone else a bit nostalgic for Craig Ferguson’s late-night halcyon? Ah, but for a simpler time.

Stephen Colbert Covers Debate With Due Maturity