Stephen Colbert Prepares to Become a Canadian Citizen on ‘The Late Show’

Leading up to Election Day, it’s become a common tradition for Americans to threaten to move up to Canada if their candidate doesn’t win the presidency, and during last night’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert decided to walk the walk by meeting with a Canadian immigration lawyer to prepare for his own move should Donald Trump win next month. It turns out that Colbert is already a Canada expert – he knows how Parliament is chosen (“the Canadian Octagon – two men enter, one man apologizes”), the three branches of government (“the NHL, Tim Horton’s, and Alan Thicke”), and the two most popular Canadian symbols (“the maple leaf and The Barenaked Lady”), plus he possesses the unique skill of being able to flawlessly sing any Gordon Lightfoot song on command. If that alone doesn’t get him a free Canadian citizenship pass, then there’s probably no hope for the rest of us.

Stephen Colbert Prepares to Become a Canadian Citizen […]