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Steven Yeun Is Doing a Lot Better Than Glenn Is After That Run-in With a Bat on The Walking Dead

If you just spent seven years of your life outrunning violent zombies and often more violent humans, what would you want to do next? A lateral career move might sound kind of … exhausting. If you’re anything like Steven Yeun, in the wake of that minor — spoiler alert — head-bashing Glenn got during The Walking Dead’s season premiere, maybe you just want to chill out, take a breather, and not have to live in fear of imminent death, even if it’s all “pretend.” Yeun stopped by Thursday’s Conan to dish on what he’s been up to since his onscreen demise, and it turns out it wasn’t much of a trip, as his new gig is working as Conan’s rehearsal stand-in. Ah, yes, more proof that a desk job awaits us all.

Steven Yeun Is Doing Fine Post–The Walking Dead