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Stevie Nicks Credits the Inspiration She Got From Twilight for Her Last Two Albums

Twilight inspired a whole lot of people, but since Stevie Nicks had already finished puberty when the film was released, her inspiration took the form of a song and not, say, an obsessively maintained erotic fanfiction Tumblr. While visiting The Late Late Show With James Corden alongside Twilight star Taylor Lautner last night, the Fleetwood Mac singer recounted how Lautner’s vampire-human-werewolf love triangle inspired her to write the song “Moonlight,” which then inspired her album In Your Dreams, which subsequently inspired her next album 24 Karat Gold, which convinced Stevie Nicks that her artistic urge was not, as she had feared, completely dead. “I would never have made those albums,” Nicks explains. “Because I was so staunch in my belief that it was over.” So, you could say Stevie Nicks’s creative drive is … undead?

Stevie Nicks Credits Current Career to Twilight