Archival Stranger Things Newscast Addresses Several of Your Lingering Barb-Related Questions

The first season of Stranger Things left more than a few questions unanswered. Aside from wondering, “What the hell was that predatory hell beast?” and “Are there really inter-dimensional rifts?”, we have important questions about some of the great townspeople of Hawkins, Indiana. Questions like, did anyone outside of the show’s inner circle notice Barb was missing? Did Lucas’s parents think it was okay to let him go out all night with his friends, despite knowing two local children had disappeared? What did the other customers think when Eleven went all Carrie on the Eggos in the frozen-food aisle? Did everyone think Barb’s jeans were normal, or did they all quietly agree among themselves, “Well, that’s just Barb’s way.” WIYZ-5 anchor Brenda Wood sheds some light on at least a few of these as-yet unaddressed queries in a new Stranger Things telecast, which will also sadly remind you that, oh right, Barb is 100 percent super-dead.

Stranger Things Releases Archival Newscast