Hey, Ho, Let’s Go Check Out the New York City Street Named After the Ramones

Photo of Dee Dee RAMONE and Johnny RAMONE and Joey RAMONE and RAMONES
Photo: Ian Dickson/Redferns

For all of you punk rockers and brats out here, here’s some truly rockin’ music news for the week — a street in Queens, New York, is being renamed to honor the enduring musical legacy of the Ramones. The iconic band’s road will be dubbed Ramones Way and be located at the intersection of 67th Avenue and 110th Street in the Forest Hills neighborhood, right by the entrance to Forest Hills High School. (Johnny, Joey, Tommy, and Dee Dee Ramone all attended the school during their formative years.) The formal unveiling will occur on October 23, thanks to a campaign spearheaded by New York City council member Karen Koslowitz. Their next renamed street will be at Rockaway Beach, we can only assume.

Street in New York City Named After the Ramones