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The Take Trailer Is Idris Elba’s Bond Audition

For some reason, the producers of the Bond franchise are still lobbying hard for Daniel Craig to play 007 in the 25th installment of the venerable character’s chronicles, despite the fact that he said he would rather slash his wrists with a broken glass than play the part again. But the internet has pushed hard for Idris Elba to be given the keys to the Aston Martin, and we’re considering The Take to be his formal audition reel. He can chase down a perp across rooftops. He can shoot. He can deliver biting one-liners. He can wear the hell out of casual tactical garb and he can surely kick a bunch of ass. Just imagine this whole thing with Elba in a sharp suit, a martini in his hand, using his natural British accent. In the meantime, enjoy Robb Stark as an American pickpocket whom Elba has to temporarily recruit as a CIA operative. The Take hits theaters November 18.