The Cathartic Power of Coker and Stratton’s ‘Trump Bros’

Comedy duo James Coker and Marshall Stratton are real good at making fun of rich people and, in this hopefully soon-to-be-squashed Age of Trump, that’s a timely skill to possess. What’s especially refreshing about Trump Bros, though, is that Coker and Stratton are giving us a break from the well-worn ground of Donald, Sr. impressions to focus, as the Huffington Post put it, on two lesser heard voices–those of younger Trumps, Eric and Donald, Jr. As (wonderfully) awful as Coker and Stratton make the boys out to be, there’s something less terrifying about this small pivot in family lineage – a reminder that, probably, this reality show from hell we’ve all been watching is just a little too crazy to last the next four years.

Episode #2: “Launch Codes”

Episode #3: “Our Project, Our Choice”

Episode #4: “Tiffany on the Phone”

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The Cathartic Power of Coker and Stratton’s ‘Trump […]