The Inevitable ‘Bad Moms’ Spin-Off ‘Bad Dads’ Hits Theaters Next Summer

Bad Moms is finally getting the all-male spin-off it deserves. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a spin-off of Bad Moms – which premiered in July and stars Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, and Kathryn Hahn – is already in the works, and this time it will focus on bad dads instead of bad moms and be called, naturally, Bad Dads. No cast for the film has been announced yet, but it’s already slated for a July 14, 2017 release. Considering Bad Moms was written by two men, here’s hoping that this time two female writers get to tackle all the silly dad bad shenanigans in Bad Dads.

The Inevitable ‘Bad Moms’ Spin-Off ‘Bad Dads’ Hits […]