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No One Can Decide Whether This Is a Picture of Bill Murray or Tom Hanks

The photo you are about to see may shock and confuse you. Will it alter the course of your entire life? No, probably not, get a grip. But you should still check it out. You may remember the photo of a dress that nearly made the world implode. Well, this is far more troubling and culturally relevant. According to the A.V. Club, it all began on a fine day back in May 2013, when Laura DiMichele-Ross innocently posted a photo to the group “Reasons My Son Is Crying.” While the woman assured viewers that the man was Bill Murray, many insist it must be Tom Hanks. Sure, he signed it “Bill Murray,” but no one is convinced. In the age of elaborate pranks and wedding photobombs in Central Park, no one can be trusted.

Is This a Picture of Bill Murray or Tom Hanks?