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Tom Cruise Barfed on a Plane While Filming Top Gun

On Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Tom Cruise shared a great story about the rigors of training for the career-defining role that was Maverick in Top Gun. Played on by Kenny “Danger Zone” Loggins himself, Cruise told Kimmel about a fateful early morning flight training run with a pilot called “Bozo.” When the G-force hit Cruise, he threw up (in a sick bag, thankfully), only to be immediately glued to the plane’s floor when Bozo took a dive. Of course, we all know that Cruise eventually mastered airborne hijinx, both in this film and approximately 14,864 others. But whither Bozo? And does he tell this story to a guy named Jimmy, too?

Tom Cruise Barfed on a Plane Filming Top Gun