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Torrey DeVitto Will Return to Pretty Little Liars to Wreak Havoc on the Final Season

Photo: Freeform

Well, you can’t say Pretty Little Liars isn’t going out with a bang. Following confirmation that fellow Rosewood troublemaker Julian Morris will be returning to PLL as the delightfully smarmy Wren Kingston, THR is reporting that Torrey DeVitto, better known as the mysterious Melissa Hastings, will also return for the show’s final season in April. (Nothing better than two scorned lovers reunited, eh?) The news comes as a happy surprise for Liars enthusiasts, as showrunner I. Marlene King previously expressed doubts that DeVitto would be able to appear on the show again owing to her strict contract with NBC’s Chicago Med. Because this is PLL, no plotlines involving the duo have been divulged, although an executive producer of the show has opined that Wren showing up in Rosewood is “part of the ultimate final twist in the final episode.” So, update your “A” ranking, folks! We’re in for quite a doozy.

Torrey DeVitto Returning to Pretty Little Liars