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Watch the Election Get the Arrested Development Ron Howard Wry Narration It So Beyond Wholly Deserves

If the facts were going to have a fair say in this election, it seems like we’d all be about ten years younger by now, but some intrepid souls on these here interwebs had a bold idea: What if fact-checking were fun? Looking back at the first debate, a video by NeverCaesar gives Donald Trump the Arrested Development treatment, going through his falsehoods with the fine-toothed comb of Ron Howard’s vocally raised eyebrows. Arrested Development head honcho Mitch Hurwitz himself approves of this message, tweeting the video on Wednesday with the description: “A sneak preview of Arrested Development Season 5.” Ha-ha, given that we have no idea when Arrested Development’s fifth season is actually happening, that’s a good joke, Mitch! [Ron Howard voice] “It was not.”

Trump Gets the Arrested Development Treatment