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Twitter Thanks Billy Bush for Donating His $10 Million Severance to Charity, Despite the Fact This Did Not Happen

Photo: Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Aw, Twitter. Sometimes you’re not so bad. Most of the time, yes, you are a nightmare vortex, but in this particular, hyperspecific moment, you’re A-okay. Billy Bush is currently in discussions with NBC regarding his Today ouster, following a leak that exposed audio from that now infamous pervo conversation with Donald Trump. However, comics and normals alike have already decided on Twitter that Bush will donate his entire severance, which they ballpark at around $10 million, to women’s organizations and are giving his (fake) charitable act the praise it (doesn’t) deserve (because it is not real) with the hashtag #ThanksBilly. Comedian Patrick Monahan kicked off the bit last night to everyone’s delight … everyone except for the many people who thought it was real and experienced a brief flicker of happiness in these dark times. Sorry, Josh Gad.

Twitter Wants Billy Bush to Donate His Today Pay