shine bright like a diamond

‘Uptown Funk’ Played at So Many Weddings, RIAA Gives It a Rare Diamond Certification

Hot damn!

Forget 24-karat gold. Bruno Mars should be bragging about diamonds, because he and Mark Ronson have just scored one of the biggest in the country. As of October 18, “Uptown Funk” has sold 11 million units, making it officially RIAA-certified diamond (recognition for hitting 10 million units). Given the Grammy-winning song’s ubiquity at weddings for the rest of eternity, this distinction seems rather on the nose. “Uptown Funk” is only the 13th song in history to reach diamond status (the RIAA started handing out diamonds in 1999), but it’s even more impressive because Ronson and Mars did it in just under two years. Before them, Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” was the last single to go diamond, and that happened in late September, taking her smash hit four years. Love may be dead, but diamonds, like “Uptown Funk,” truly are forever.

‘Uptown Funk’ Is Officially Diamond-Certified