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Cast Members of Orange Is the New Black Are Not Fans of Trump’s Orange Face

Sure, we all like to imagine that the cast and crew of Orange Is the New Black are all always hanging out together somewhere, but tonight on Twitter, cast member Lea DeLaria (a.k.a. Big Boo) made all of our dreams come true, and then some. DeLaria tweeted this picture of the ladies of Litchfield finally free of their prison shackles and able to … roam the halls of what is presumably a production office somewhere. Most important, they’re all sporting “Vaginas Against Trump” T-shirts, which their website tells us come in a variety of cuts and colors, from “working in the prison garden sleeveless white” to “emoting in a bunkbed v-neck blue” to “standing up to the man to the best of our ability long sleeve black” — plus, tote bags. So, while you are not necessarily an OITNB cast or crew member, this way you can play a pissed-off one for Halloween.

The Vaginas of OINTB Stand Against Trump