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Do You Think Val Kilmer Even Knows He’s in Oneohtrix Point Never’s ‘Animals’ Music Video?

“Jesus Christ,” Val Kilmer gasps, clicking through dozens of Google Alerts. “When did they film this? When was the last time I even wore that track suit? How did those bastards get inside my house?” In the new music video for Oneohtrix Point Never’s song “Animals,” the unequivocal best Batman ever sits drowsy and serene on the edge of a bed, his micro-expressions flickering across his face unnervingly in time with some real American Horror Story–style music. The effect is anxiety-inducing and voyeuristic, and not just because it seems more than a little plausible that sleepy Val Kilmer had no idea he was being filmed. This is probably exactly how he ended up with a cameo in The Love Guru.

Val Kilmer Stars in a Bizarre Music Video