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Reba McEntire Will Graciously Teach You How to Be Like Reba in her Master Class

Hidden inside all of us lies a deep desire to be a country-music superstar. C’mon, we’re all guilty of staging our very own night at the Grand Ole Opry in our childhood bedrooms at least once in our lives. Oh … just us? Well, this is embarrassing. Anyhow, prepare to see that dream deferred get back on track because country queen Reba McEntire is ready and willing to share all of her secrets. We know what you’re thinking: I watched all six seasons of Reba, I got the gist. But no, that barely scratched the surface. Consider Reba a visiting professor in the school of Nashville 101, because she’s set to teach a master class on how to enter the country-music business and sustain a career once you get there. She’ll be talking song selection, stage presence, vocal prowess, how to sing through personal tragedy, and just general Reba-ness for the masses. Or at least the masses willing to pony up $90 for the full experience this winter. For those of us still in student-debt hell, glean what you can from Reba’s sage advice in the course’s two-minute trailer.

Watch a Trailer for Reba McEntire’s MasterClass