tidal x 1015

Witness the Moment We Learned Beyoncé Might Actually Be Human

If you weren’t in the room at Saturday’s Tidal X 1015 benefit concert to see Beyoncé sustain an ear injury mid-performance and barely flinch, you can now experience her superpowers up close. Tidal has finally released the full performance of “6 Inch” and “Haunted.” The bad news: You’ll have to sign up for Tidal to witness the entire bloody moment beyond a 30-second preview. (Though that’s probably a good thing if you’re squeamish.) Watch Bey and her many holograms fight through the pain like nobody’s business and slowly begin to wonder, What if it was one of the Bey clones who actually got the injury? Because there’s no way Beyoncé bleeds like the rest of us mortals.

Watch Beyoncé’s Full, Bloody Tidal Performance