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Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon Milk a Cow Together, Remind You That True Love Does Exist

In this strangely intimate Tonight Show clip, Blake Shelton gets the chance to teach Jimmy Fallon how to milk a cow. Although they get off to a rocky start, since Shelton insists Fallon looks like Woody from Toy Story, they move on, because Blake Shelton is a forgiving man. When Fallon is impatient to get started and reaches for the cow, Shelton slows him down: “You don’t just reach out and grab a teat!” Good advice, which Trump could probably use as well. But, Shelton explains, gently stroking his cow, “This is all about romance and finesse. So have a connection.” Watch above for the love story of a lifetime.

Watch Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon Milk a Cow