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Blink-182 Will Make You Nostalgic for the Early Aughts by Re-creating Their ‘What’s My Age Again?’ Video

Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker might not be 23-year-olds calling their girlfriends’ moms from pay phones anymore, but they certainly know the value of a good, nostalgic music video. For their latest single, “She’s Out of Her Mind,” off their new studio album California on which Matt Sciba steps in to replace former front man and noted UFO truther Tom DeLonge the trio harked back to the old days by re-creating some scenes from their classic “What’s My Age Again?” video. Except this time around, three women serve as the excitable naked joggers, and Workaholics’ Adam Devine struts his stuff down a sidewalk as the easy-on-the-eyes doctor. How very 2016.

Watch Blink-182 Re-create ‘What’s My Age Again?’