Oh, Look, Yet Another Absolutely Mesmerizing Video From Blood Orange

Blood Orange’s new album, Freetown Sound, is an aural masterpiece, but its beauty extends well into the visual realm. For his latest work of art, Dev Hynes collaborated with ballet star Maria Kochetkova for what’s essentially a love letter to dance, set to his song “I Know.” It’s a simple concept: Just Dev and Maria together, in monochrome, alone in a studio and feeding off each other’s passion for the craft. Their free-form movement and the extremes to which Maria pushes her body are seriously impressive, but it never looks or feels like the exhausting work that you know it is. They’re having fun in the moment while making captivating art with every step. So, see, dragging your kid to ballet class really can pay off one day!

Watch Blood Orange’s ‘I Know’ Video