gilmore girls

Netflix’s Gilmore Girls Featurette Proves Nobody Likes Gilmore Girls As Much As the People Who Starred in It

Netflix’s look back at Gilmore Girls is mostly designed to get us all teary-eyed in time for the Thanksgiving release of their Gilmore reboot — and rest assured, we are weeping. But also, we have a few questions about the actors’ outfits in these interviews. We’re thrilled that Keiko Agena is rocking some hipster vibes for Lane, that Kelly Bishop is as fierce as ever, and that Liza Weil’s Paris is wearing a trim suit (and is standing in front of what seems to be a college building, perhaps for a Yale reunion?). But what Stars Hollow Christmas festival suit nonsense is Matt Czuchry is wearing? And does it mean that Logan is back in Rory’s life? We’re baffled, but intrigued.

Watch Everyone Reminisce in a Gilmore Featurette