Kate McKinnon’s Ghostbusters Outtakes Include a Whole New Cecilia Jimenez Bit

She didn’t accidentally destroy the entire building, so give her her money. Not only are Kate McKinnon’s Ghostbusters outtakes non-stop hilarity, they offer a glimpse of the different characters McKinnon’s Holtzmann could have been, depending solely on editing: a fun, catchphrase spoutin’ Holtzmann, an excitable, baby-voiced Holtzmann, and, around about 3:12, straight-up Cecelia Jimenez, perhaps McKinnon’s best SNL character to date. Considering what she did to the Ecce Homo Jesus with just paint and a brush, imagine what Cecelia could do with 30,000 springs, 800 pounds of tungsten, and a single Lorna Doone.

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