Kid Cudi Returns With ‘Frequency’ Video, Some Sick Dance Moves to Practice on Your Next Night Out

While Kid Cudi continues to seek treatment for depression, his label has decided to proceed with the rollout for his next album, Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’, at Cudi’s request. Which means, today we get his first music video in three years, for the new song “Frequency.” Cudder has always been one to offer a trippy experience, but he might have just outdone himself: This self-directed dreamscape sees Cudi swaying, bouncing, grooving, and just generally vibing out in the woods, as you do, when along come a few mysterious women — including an aerial yoga performer, because why not? — and an eventual threesome with Cudi as the middleman. It’s all very hallucinatory, so maybe if you envision yourself mimicking Cudi’s moves on the dance floor enough (and, you know, drop enough acid), it’ll just happen.

Watch Kid Cudi’s Trippy ‘Frequency’ Video