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Lady Gaga Popped by a Nashville ‘Dive Bar’ to Debut 3 Joanne Tracks, a Name Change, and a Boot-Rocking New Sound

Lady Gaga is no more. The singer ditched her aristocratic ties during the first stop of her “Dive Bar Tour” in Nashville on Wednesday, asking the attendees to please “just call me Joanne.” And then, as such an instruction beckons, she got a touch folksy. Debuting three new songs off her evidently self-named album, the artist formerly known as Gaga also unleashed a new sound, from the bluesy “Sinner’s Prayer” to twangy ballad “Million Reasons.” Wearing the country Carmen Sandiego look from Joanne’s cover art, she capped things off with a new version of “Perfect Illusion.” Stefani Germanotta, you’ve never felt so near, nor so far. You can watch the mini-concert in full, starting at around the 28:00 mark, above. And hear the studio versions of “Million Reasons” and “A-Yo” below.

Watch Lady Gaga Debut 3 New Joanne Tracks