oldies but goodies

Radiohead Un-Benches ‘The Bends’ and ‘Fake Plastic Trees,’ Performs the Tracks for the First Time in 6 Years

If you were at Radiohead’s Mexico City shows these last couple of nights, then retroactive congrats for being on hand to witness a rare treat. If you weren’t, well, this is the internet age, an era of pretty good and vivid consolation prizes (watch above and below). At the shows, Radiohead pulled out oldies-but-goodies “The Bends” and “Fake Plastic Trees” from 1995’s The Bends. It’s the first time either track has made a showing on Radiohead’s tour for A Moon Shaped Pool, and, in fact, the first time these two tunes have been performed live in six years. Indeed, the band has made something of a habit of dusting off the classics after just enough time away. Does Radiohead play poker? Because these guys sure know when to hold ‘em and when to fold (er, bend) ‘em.

Watch Radiohead Dust Off Some The Bends Tracks