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Watch Stephen Colbert and Run the Jewels Create a New Holiday Classic, One Bleep at a Time

It’s been a hot minute since anyone penned a truly classic Halloween tune. Some, like Mr. Colbert here, believe the last true classic was “Monster Mash,” while most of us are still waiting for our next “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” (a decidedly non-CBS-approved choice). At any rate, holiday songcraft is a field worth venturing into, though not for the faint of heart, and innovation is needed — nay, required. Enter “Halloween Wiggle,” in which The Late Show With Stephen Colbert goes old-school high, and Run the Jewels go new-school low. Stephen Colbert in an orange Boo! sweater, and some of the nastiest lyrics this side of a Donald Trump bus tape? Sign us up for two helpings of “Halloween Wiggle,” please!

Watch Stephen Colbert’s ‘Halloween Wiggle’