Who Needs Video Games When You Can Watch the Weeknd Lead an Extremely Violent Bank Heist From His POV

In a bid to make himself a character in the next Call of Duty, the Weeknd has released a deeply NSFW music video for “False Alarm” wherein he’s the star, but you’ll have to get through nearly six minutes of torture porn to actually see him. That’s because this brutally violent imagining of a bank heist is told not only from the sordid mind of Abel Tesfaye, but also from his point of view. If you can stomach it, behold the bloody, morally bankrupt world of the Weeknd, where no one is safe, unless maybe you’re a pretty damsel in distress. We won’t spoil how the high-speed chase ends, but ask yourself: When has the Weeknd ever made it out of one his own videos unscathed? This is the Weeknd’s brand and he’s sticking to it.

Watch the Weeknd’s Violent ‘False Alarm’ Video