Who’s Better: Babies or Old People? Watch ‘Debate Wars’ to Find Out

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Campaign season is winding down and Election Day draws nearer, which of course means televised, contentious debates. It’s all well and good for the politicians to discuss the economy and national security, but on the new Seeso Original Series Debate Wars, participants argue about the real issues that affect real people, such as the ultimate superiority of infants or their sworn rivals, the elderly.

That’s what’s going down in The Debatium on Debate Wars. Every episode on this Seeso Original Series, stand-ups and improvisers put their verbal and mental skills to the test, arguing against other comics in a knock-down drag-out war of words. Moderating the activities in “The Debatium” is actor/writer/comic Michael Ian Black, who keeps the comics in line and the discourse civil by doing things like drowning out debaters who go over their time limit by playing the clarinet (which he does not know how to play).

The subject may be “Pie vs. Cake,” or “Cats vs. Dogs,” or in the next episode, “Babies vs. Old People.”

Representing Team Babies are comics Gina Yashere and Mehran Khaghani. Here are Yashere’s opening remarks:


And in defense of old people, comedian Jo Firestone (and teammate Gilbert Gottfried):


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Who’s Better: Babies or Old People? Watch ‘Debate […]