Will Ferrell Stops by ‘@midnight’ as George W. Bush to Call Trump a ‘Sack of Rotten Sweet Potatoes’

During last night’s @midnight, Chris Hardwick was treated to an extra special appearance by Will Ferrell as former president George W. Bush, who calls Donald Trump a “disgraced pumpkin,” a “dunderhead,” and a “sack of rotten sweet potatoes” and also comments on the leaked Access Hollywood tape featuring his cousin Billy doing something very un-Bushlike. “I just wanna say one thing: We Bushes don’t act like that, okay? We have standards, and we’re raised a certain way. And we would never, under any circumstances, ride a bus,” Bush says. “When you’re a Bush you ride in a limousine or a Jumpjet or maybe a monster truck called Sasquatch Express, but never a bus. It boggles the mind.”

Watch another clip from the episode featuring Ferrell below:

Will Ferrell Stops by ‘@midnight’ as George W. Bush to […]