Alec Baldwin Replies to Donald Trump’s Anti-SNL Tweet: ‘Election Is Over’

Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

There seems to be a certain segment of the population that apparently believed electing the president of his or her choosing would make the other side … disappear? Shut up? Not hire Alec Baldwin to portray them on television? Sadly for those constituents, this is not the case. Dismayed by his depiction on this week’s Saturday Night Live (and, presumably, every episode of Saturday Night Live save one), the president-elect took to Twitter to demand “equal time” on the late-night show. Alec Baldwin replied to point out that “equal time” on a comedy show is not a thing outside of an election season (and very arguably isn’t a thing at all), as well as to give everyone a sneak preview of every Sunday after a new episode of SNL for the next four-to-eight years.

Alec Baldwin Replies to Donald Trump’s SNL Hate