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Stephen Root Will Play the Title Role in The Man in the High Castle

Stephen Root, one of America’s most cherished character actors, is now the title role in a very popular Amazon series. With the second season of The Man in the High Castle just two weeks out, it’s been announced that Root will play the titular Man we’ve all been wondering about, the heretofore faceless figure that’s catalyzed a guerilla resistance against occupying Axis forces in the historical drama. Up until now, the Man has existed only in name, and his primary concern has been collecting film reels that depict alternate versions of reality that exist around events of World War II and its aftermath. We don’t yet know what the Man’s endgame is with the history-bending short films, but we do know that the Japanese and German occupiers both want to get their hands on them. In the clip above we get our first look at a sufficiently disheveled Root as the symbolic center of the uprising, while our heroine, Juliana Crain, looks entirely confused to be in his presence. Poor Juliana. No one tells her anything.

Amazon Reveals Its Man in the High Castle