Amber Ruffin Shows Off Her Rap Skills at The Second City in 2007

Welcome to The Second City Archives, in which we post an exclusive clip each week of some of comedy’s biggest superstars performing early in their careers on the legendary Chicago stage. Second City has generously given us a glimpse into their extensive archive of live performances, and over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing some rare and retro comedy never before seen on the web.

Last week, Late Night writer Amber Ruffin delivered one of the most simultaneously hilarious and insightful responses to the election in late night with her “Join the Fun!” bit, so this week we’re highlighting another clip featuring Ruffin back in her Second City days. From the 2007 revue Between Barack and a Hard Place, the above scene features Ruffin as a wife hanging out with her husband and their friends (Molly Erdman, Joe Canale, and Brad Morris) who stumbles on the perfect way to release all her frustrations about her marriage: rap. Check out another clip of Ruffin performing at The Second City in 2008 here.

Amber Ruffin Shows Off Her Rap Skills at The Second […]