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New America’s Next Top Model Super-Trailer: Rita Ora Wants to Be the New Tyra

The four-and-half-minute super-trailer for the new cycle of America’s Next Top Model is jam-packed with moments that suggest a network change (the show, born on UPN, has moved from the CW to VH1) did not dim the collective smize of its contestants or production. Jutting cheekbones, budding friendship, screaming, ambulances, a full collapse during what appears to be a group dance rehearsal: It’s all there, and it all premieres December 12. The only question that remains, of course, is whether new host Rita Ora can successfully inherit Tyra Banks’s heavy, metallic, snakeskin, rhinestone-encrusted mantle. What gems could possibly be left in the ANTM hosting gig for Rita Ora to discover? What will be her ‘fierce’?

New ANTM Trailer: Rita Ora Replaces Tyra