2016 election

Hear Modern Baseball’s Anti-Trump Anthem Inspired by a Vintage Simpsons Episode

This election cycle has led to some good (Death Cab for Cutie), bad (Eminem), and excessively dark (Tim Heidecker) anti-Trump songs, but now, thanks to Modern Baseball, we also have one referencing The Simpsons. Written as part of the “30 Days, 50 Songs” project (formerly “30 Days, 30 Songs”), which called on 50 different artists to write songs decrying the Republican candidate, the Philadelphia punk band named their installment “Bart to the Future Part 2: The Musical.” The title is a reference to an episode of the long-running cartoon from 2000 that predicted a future where Donald Trump was president, but with a far superior campaign slogan than in reality: “America You Can Be My Ex-Wife!” Though the song doesn’t have any lyrics like “eat my shorts,” it still has a pretty catchy chorus, “Piss off, get lost / I can’t conceive it / How did you make it this far/ Without them seeing all the facts/ And all that lacks in you.” Hear the song below.

Hear Anti-Trump Song Inspired by The Simpsons