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So, Apparently Kirk Douglas Has the Power to Stop Airplane Turbulence

Santa Barbara International Film Festival's 6th Annual Kirk Douglas Award For Excellence In Film Gala
Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Everyone knows Harvey Weinstein as a, let’s say, fierce advocate for the actors he loves, but a recent anecdote that the producing mogul shared about Kirk Douglas really goes above and beyond the call. The tale is courtesy of “Page Six,” who says Weinstein was at a 92nd Street Y event on Tuesday, where he revealed a pretty incredible account of the legendary actor. Apparently, Weinstein was once on a flight with Douglas when the plane started experiencing some turbulence. Weinstein shared that, instead of clutching his armrest and making some back payments on prayer like the rest of us, Douglas cut off their conversation, said he’d “take care of it,” and went to have a conversation with someone up near the cockpit. Then, just like that, the turbulence stopped. And people say creative types lack in marketable skills, for shame.

So, Apparently Kirk Douglas Can Stop Turbulence