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Senator Barbara Boxer Gives a Heartening Post-Election Pep Talk on Chelsea

Appearing across from a tearful Chelsea Handler on Chelsea, California Senator Barbara Boxer spoke out about her disappointment in Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential race, and encouraged those who share that disappointment to take active steps to defend the systems of American democracy they believe in. “We need to pick ourselves up and double down on how we feel about this country,” Boxer said. “We love it and we are not giving it up.” Boxer also encouraged people to see some hope in the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, and in the election of several women of color to the Senate, including Kamala Harris, who will fill Boxer’s seat. The instinct to flee, or joke about fleeing, the country after hearing this news, Boxer reminded Handler, plays into the message of many Trump supporters. “We’re not going to do it. Forget it. Because this country, with all of this flaws, and there are many flaws, is the most hopeful place.”

Barbara Boxer Gives a Post-Election Pep Talk