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In Simpsons Opening Credits, Bart Is Feeling the Pain of Predicting Donald Trump’s Win

Clairvoyant predictions sometimes come with a heavy price — while everyone laughs at the prophet’s kooky visions of the future, the Cassandra is ignored until it is too late. While many have looked at Michael Moore’s correct prediction about the “Rust Belt Brexit” before the 2016 election, another cultural American icon envisioned the Donald Trump presidency a full 16 years ago. Back in an episode of The Simpsons from 2000, “Bart to the Future,” Lisa Simpson was taking over the White House in 2030 after Trump’s disastrous term in the office that enforced policies that led to far too many sleep-deprived criminals jacked on balanced breakfasts and midnight basketball. Acknowledging the older episode on Sunday night, an angry Bart wrote on the chalkboard, “BEING RIGHT SUCKS.” It sure does, Bart. Know what also sucks? Possibly having to wait until 2030 for your first female president, Lisa Simpson or not. Watch the chalkboard portion of the credits above and a clip from “Bart to the Future” below.

Bart Is Not Happy Simpsons Predicted Trump’s Win