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Bernie Sanders Translates Donald Trump’s ‘Delusional and Totally Insane’ Tweets for Conan O’Brien

With President-elect Donald Trump’s tweets dominating the headlines, Bernie Sanders stopped by Conan to offer his take on the politically minded motivation behind the “delusional and totally insane” 160-character rants. Making his way through the bigger social-media posts of the past few days, the Vermont senator explained that Trump’s false claims of mass voter fraud are his way of sending “a message to Republicans across the country, Republican leaders. And what he’s saying is that we have to suppress the vote. We have to make it harder for poor people, people of color, immigrants, elderly people to participate, because they might be voting against us.” He then described other tweets — such as Trump’s cry to strip flag-burning Americans of their citizenship — as a distraction from issues such as income inequality and global warming.  During the interview, Bernie also argued that the media needs to be better with their coverage of political issues, particularly relating to the poor and the environment. Watch both portions of the interview in the clip above and below.

B. Sanders Explains Trump’s ‘Delusional’ Tweets