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Beyoncé Releases Her ‘Daddy Lessons’ Music Video on Tidal, Which Is a Great Place to Start Your Daddy’s Beyoncé Lessons

Maybe Beyoncé’s Lemonade was a little too plugging-your-menses-with-pages-from-the-Holy-Book for your father, but with her Dixie Chicks collab at the Country Music Association Awards this week, Beyoncé is clearly gunning (pun extremely intended) for “Daddy Lessons” to be the crossover hit everyone can enjoy. That is presumably the reason Bey has released the song’s Lemonade visual-album segment, which translates into a more than seven-minute-long stand-alone video, on Tidal. It’s got everything a papa would enjoy: horses, cute kids, someone tap dancing on a coffin in a respectful, celebratory manner. Your dad will have to sign in with a Tidal account to watch the entire video (only the preview is available to non-subscribers), but explaining what Tidal is will be a fun bonding experience for you two as well.

Beyoncé Releases Her ‘Daddy Lessons’ Music Video