Bill Burr and Conan O’Brien Reflect on the Election and Why Moving to Canada Is a Bad Idea

Here’s a clip from Bill Burr’s appearance on last night’s Conan, where he and O’Brien reflect on Donald Trump’s “astounding” election win earlier this week. “What do you want me to say? The whole thing, none of it makes sense. This guy’s saying he’s gonna build a wall from California to El Paso, Texas. Dude, I’ve done that drive. That’s like a 2-day drive, 85 miles an hour,” Burr says. “How much is this gonna cost? How many times are you gonna go to Home Depot? How big is this thing gonna be? Look how long it took to build the Freedom Tower, and we wanted that. That took 15 years. By the time they build that thing, we’re gonna be the ones going over it.” Bill also pointed out why moving to Canada isn’t the best response to the bigotry Trump promoted during his presidential run: “There’s still white people up there. Just because they’re on the other side of the invisible line doesn’t mean that they’re not gonna act like white people.”

Watch some more clips from the interview below:

Bill Burr and Conan O’Brien Reflect on the Election […]